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Premium DNS – Ensure that your website is safe and stays online.

  • Seal security gaps
  • Increase site availability
  • Get Faster Performance
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What is DNS and why it matters.

  • Every domain name is given a series of numbers called an “IP address”, for instance, the IP address for www.CedarCity.us is This is the number that your PC’s browser uses to locate any website you ask it to visit.
  • Whenever you type a domain name in your PC’s browser, the Domain-Name-Server (DNS) will look through a huge database to locate the IP-address of the site you requested, then points your browser to the right web-site.
  • During this DNS address “look-up”, you can encounter performance problems in availability, credibility and security. Your domain may return as ‘not-found’, consumers may leave due to uncertainty, and hackers may even redirect your users to fake websites to try and steal their banking and personal information.
  •  “Website not found” errors can occur from Slow DNS response. You may have noticed this without knowing it. Whenever you type in an address and it takes a long time to load, or you get an error like “cannot load page”; it could be the result of the DNS server being slow to respond or it can’t determine which website content to deliver you. If the server takes too long, you may only receive a “time out” error message.
  • Hackers can interrupt your traffic and send clients to spam sites. You’ve seen it on T.V. Even the Mega-Companies are hit by it. A hacker interrupts look-up process by exploiting vulnerabilities that are in all DNS servers around the world. They can even give browsers a fraudulent IP address that sends your site visitors to bogus websites that may look and seem like yours. Once they’ve got them there, the hackers can access any information the customer submits, usually their usernames, passwords, and data from credit cards.

What good is your website if visitors can’t reach it?

Premium DNS makes it easy to resolve common issues that prevent people from accessing your site, improving your overall performance, availability and security.

  • Better security

    • Problem: Hackers attempt to hijack your site and steal customer data.
      Hijacking is a risk with all DNS systems around the world. It’s a common way for hackers to steal private information. When a customer types in your Web address, the hacker interrupts the DNS lookup process and sends the user to a fake and malicious site that may look like your website.
      Solution: Premium DNS (enabled with DNSSEC) creates an unbreakable “chain of trust” between the visitor’s browser and your server, verifying that the visitor is actually arriving at your website.
    • Problem: Keep all Web exchanges private.
      Another way hackers steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information is through “eavesdropping.” Hackers sit on the DNS server and “listen in” on messages, logins and passwords as customers access your site.
      Solution: By verifying the visitor is at the intended website, Premium DNS shuts eavesdropping down.

    Greater reliability

    • Problem: “Website not found” errors cause you to lose visitors and sales.
      It’s never good when users get a “website not found” error. At best, they think you’re unprofessional; at worst, they think you don’t exist.
      Solution: Premium DNS makes sure your site is always available by using the Anycast global network, which provides multiple layers of redundancy. Your DNS records are distributed on servers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, so if one server should go down, your website will still be online. With unlimited secondary DNS, you always have a failsafe in case of a major outage.

    Faster performance

    • Problem: Visitors experience delays or “time outs” trying to reach your site.
      There’s a lot riding on the physical distance between your visitors and your server. Customers who live far away may experience a delay in reaching your site or even get a “website not found” error message. The more cable between your server and your customer’s computer, the longer it takes for them to reach your site.
      Solution: The Premium DNS infrastructure offers improved security and faster resolution than the standard infrastructure. And since your information is distributed across DNS servers around the world, customers connect to the closest server location for a quicker response.

We’ve provided our clients 99.9% up-time since 2002!

More than 40 million domains trust our DNS infrastructure to make sure their web applications are always available.

Easy management tools

  • Unlimited Domains (Zones): Some providers limit the number of domains you can manage and charge extra to add more. With Premium DNS, you can manage DNS activity for all of your domains (excludes DNSSEC^).
  • Templates: Create templates with common configuration for easy zone updates.
  • Bulk Features: Bulk imports, exports and updates to zones.
  • Groups: Group zones together for organization and apply universal group updates.

Tracking, support and more

  • Unlimited Records: Don’t be nickel and dimed with overages. Get unlimited records with Premium DNS. 99.999% SLA guarantee†
  • Error Checking: You don’t have to be a DNS expert. We make it easy to find issues with our error checking features.
  • Reporting: Get advanced traffic and audit reporting.
  • Multi-Users: Enable multiple users and track who changed what.
  • Forwarding: Call forwarding for your website.

Reliability you can trust

  • 99.999% SLA guarantee†: We guarantee a 99.999% uptime Service-Level Agreement† on your DNS resolution to insure your web-based systems are always available.
  • Vanity Name Servers: Brand a DNS server to match your business information for WhoIs lookups.
  • DNSSEC: Enable up to 5 DNSSEC domains (additional available) and secure your site with the DNSSEC chain of trust, making sure hackers can’t redirect your visitors to a fake and malicious site.
  • Secondary DNS: When your web application is mission-critical, you want a secondary DNS server with syncing.
  • AnyCast Global Network: Get fast, reliable, secure DNS resolution with our Anycast network. This redundant, global approach covers the U.S., Europe and Asia, helps protect against DNS-targeted DDoS attacks and eliminates a single point of failure.
  • Manager: Easily manage all of your domains with full control over record types: NS, MX, A, SRV, TXT, CNAME and more. You can also control time-to-live (TTL) at the record level.

Everything you need to manage your DNS.

Fast performance, 99.999%† uptime guarantee

Join our Premium DNS infrastructure and be confident your visitors can find you fast – no matter where they’re located throughout the world – with the Anycast DNS Network. Our world–class network is distributed across North America, Europe and Asia for increased performance and reliability.

Domain Forwarding and Masking

Reduce “website not found” errors

You know that “website not found” errors make it look like your site doesn’t exist, but did you know that the inability to access a website is related to DNS issues 30% of the time?

Domain Locking

Mission-critical Secondary DNS

Power outages and Internet routing problems can take down your primary DNS, making your website unavailable and leaving your visitors high and dry! Premium DNS provides a secondary DNS to deliver your domain name and keep your website accessible.

Total DNS Control

Close security gaps

All DNS systems worldwide have the same vulnerability – hackers can redirect your visitors to a malicious website or intercept their personal information. Premium DNS uses advanced DNSSEC security to protect your site and your visitors from these kinds of attacks. Learn more about DNS vulnerabilities.

Change of Registration

Easy to use for beginners, powerful for experts

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use Premium DNS. Our online dashboard makes it easy to manage and make updates to your DNS. If you’re an advanced user, you can drill down with more technical features. You can also get access to expert support from certified DNS professionals.

Status Alerts!

Works with any budget

Only Website Design Concepts offers the most comprehensive solution on the market at such an affordable price.

Our Premium Services for DNS management come with:
  • 99.9%† up-time is guaranteed.
  • Manage unlimited domains, sub-domains and domain zones.
  • You can create Unlimited DNS records in the premium console.
  • Quickly secure 1-5 domains with our DNSSEC security options.
  • There are no overage fees charged, ever.
  • Recording & registering on the reliable, fast global network.
  • Get unlimited DNS zone Templates. Save. organize & use later.
  • Get Mission critical secondary DNS app for syncing of domains.
  • Review & create Advanced logs & reports of all domains.
  • Rest assured with our Built in error checking. You’re covered.